Welcome to the Cycling Samaritan’s site!

Here you’ll find details of the Spring 2019 cycle ride from Hastings in Sussex to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands Completed on 25th May 2019. While I cycled the entire route, cycling Samaritans and their supporters joined most of the thirty-five legs.

Winter training ride – Seven Sisters, East Sussex

The ride aimed to promote and raise funds for a great cause – the SAMARITANS.

The Samaritans have 201 branches across the British Isles. Trained voluteers in each branch support people who need someone to talk to or who are going through a difficult time in their lives.

The route to Shetland passed through 29 towns and cities with Samaritans branches. Where possible, I completed a shift in these branches listening to callers.

Sse pictures of the ride and find out what’s next

……… on Twitter @Cyclingsussexs1

There’ll be a book about the ride and the wonderful people encountered on the way.  Check the sample chapter on this site by the end of June. There’s already a post about my trial rides through Sussex and Kent.

Check out the ride  schedule to find out more about the route from Sussex to Shetland.

To contribute ideas for a 2020 ride, please get in touch on 07790 632698 or by emailing

Support the ride by donating to the Samaritans

There’s still time to support the ride by making donation to the Samaritans via

OR you may prefer to donate to my branch, Hastings and Rother Samaritans, by using the button below.

Please support Hastings and Rother Samaritans

Your donation will help us to support two callers whose lives are in crisis.


All donations go directly to the Samaritians.

Join the Samaritans

You are very welcome to join the thousands of Samaritans across the country who support people who are desperate for someone to talk to. It’s vital work with a commitment of just 16 hours a week and you won’t find more supportive colleagues anywhere else.

Steve Johnson 





  1. Hi, hope you are getting on alright, good luck with the rest of your travels. See you on the 21 May.

    Caithness branch


  2. Well done mate You have made it without any incidents or hiccups. I have been following your progress day by day on the computer .It has been a long hard ride for you. Again well done and will hear all about it when you get Sussex


  3. I am here because I was cycling behind you in Aberdeen earlier this month and I promised myself to find out more about the mystery ‘Sussex to Shetland’ cyclist.

    Amazing, well done!!


  4. Well done! Fantastic acheivement while raising money and awareness for Samaritans. We enjoyed joining you on the Aberdeen to Newmacher section.


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